A tasty brainstorm is coming…

You’ve generously shared more than 100 ideas on Talkin’ Local Food with UHN over the past few weeks. Thank you!

We’ve now entered the voting phase of crowdsourcing. You will be able to vote for ideas, and build on them. You can still share your own ideas until October 2, 2014. In the past weeks, we’ve gone on a road show to introduce the project to staff at Nutrition Services, Allied Health, Human Resources, and many Nursing Units – with a special thanks to our friends at Bickle Centre for helping us reach out to 60 nurses in a couple hours.

We’re having sign up parties!

The virtual world is great for sharing ideas with people on different schedules, but sometimes, it’s good to talk to a real person too! In the next two weeks (Aug 12 – Aug 25) we will set up in hospital lobbies, asking visitors, patients and staff  the big question “What’s your soothing food when sick or injured?

Come over to say hello, take a tour of the website and sign-up. Local tasty prizes are in play!

Sign up party at Toronto Rehab

Melissa and I showing off our tablets at Toronto Rehab (UC): sign up with us in  just 3 clicks!

Toronto Rehab – University Center

TUESDAY Aug. 12             9am – 1pm

WEDNESDAY Aug. 13      9am – 1pm

THURSDAY Aug. 14         1pm – 5pm

Toronto Western Hospital

FRIDAY Aug. 15                9am – 1pm

TUESDAY Aug. 19              9am – 1pm

FRIDAY Aug. 22                  9am – 1pm


Toronto General Hospital  

MONDAY Aug. 18              9am – 1pm

WEDNESDAY Aug. 20       9am – 1pm

THURSDAY Aug. 21           9am – 1pm

Princess Margaret Cancer Center

WEDNESDAY Aug. 20       1:30pm – 5pm

THURSDAY Aug. 21           1:30pm – 5pm

MONDAY Aug. 25               9am – 1pm

Toronto Rehab – Bickle Centre

WEDNESDAY Aug. 27       10am – 3pm

Toronto Rehab – Lyndhurst Centre

THURSDAY Aug. 28           10am – 3pm

Want to go deeper?… Host your own 30 min brainstorming session!

We’ve made it easier for you to brainstorm ideas with your team. Find 3-4 people interested in brainstorming with you for 30 min and follow our Brainstorming Toolkit.

post-it overload

Happy brainstorming!

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