Sunday climate march, in NYC and everywhere

This weekend is a pretty big deal in the world of, well, the world. There is a gigantic march planned for New York City called the People’s Climate March. Why? The UN is gathering to have a landmark climate summit just a few days later.

If you can’t get to NYC to show your love for the planet, there may be a local, organic march near you. For those more YYZ than NYC, try Nathan Phillips Square Sunday Sept 21, 1 PM. To emphasize the peaceful nature of the march, the unifying symbol is a green heart. Bonus points if you make it out of recycled materials.

Happy Marching!


4 thoughts on “Sunday climate march, in NYC and everywhere

  1. The ironic thing is that people are going to be traveling (likely by air) to get to this march in NYC and the climate summit. Air travel is one of THE biggest carbon footprints of humans.


      • Oh hi there, I think you can delete my more recent comment on this blog post. I didn’t see that the first comment was posted, so I assumed I needed to re-post. Sorry for the duplication.

        Trixie 🙂

        On Fri, 19 Sep 2014 15:36:18 +0000, Talkin’ Trash With UHN wrote: > > > Lisa Vanlint commented: “Hi Trixie, You’ll be happy to know that > many buses and trains have been organized for this event for a much > lower carbon footprint than air. Here’s one link, > though there are other options too. > Lisa” > >


      • No worries, and done, though you made a good point on sharing through social media on your second comment. The delay for your comments (and anyone’s) is that we moderate them to ensure no spam gets through. There is a CRAZY amount of spam otherwise. Good thing is that I do try and get comments up and out as soon as possible.

        Hope to see you on Sunday for the local march.



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