Our most recent recipients of the Golden Light Switch are gold and proud at Rumsey Neuro.  Their fearless Energy Experts Raghad Zaiyouna (seen below with the coveted trophy), Lesley Ruttan, and Cara Kircher made a difference and it took…wait for it…a year…no…6 months…no…3 WEEKS.  That is all it takes to move from a “leave it on” kinda place to a “turn it off” kinda place.  Picture it January 17th 2014, 35% of computers are shut off overnight in the clinic.  Then the popular and fun TLC program comes on board and by February 7th 2014, 92% of computers are turned off over night.  Amazing but true!


Staff are proud of their accomplishments as they should be.  Here is the team participating in the customary high 5 ceremony.

Rumsey Neuro team