It’s official. The UHN Green Team has surpassed my dreams of waste-free wonder. Ann Masterson and her team at TWH MSNICU have made an amazing video about their blue bin woes (to the tune of “Blue Moon”)

Let us also congratulate David Hewitt, lucky winner of the #WasteFreeUHN contest. Though the winner was chosen randomly, he had several great ideas to follow, like reusing GOOS paper (Good On One Side), and making notepads out of non-confidential paper.


Brent in TGH Facilities also reuses GOOS paper from their many daily printed work orders. The facilities team puts it white-side-up in one of their printers so it can be used for something else. Amelie in research does the same thing, all non-confidential of course. Rita rescues the GOOS for her kids to draw on.

Lori issued a team challenge to her entire iUHN Wild West team. She made a LitterLess Lunch contest (expanded to include breakfasts and snacks), and had staff track how many items they threw out or recycled by the end of the day. Lori, Sandra, Suzanne and Ambrosio all win for playing (but I think Suzanne won the week). Lori created and emailed out this handy sheet: contest-Lori

LitterLess Lunch (henceforth known as LLL or L3) was such a big theme. So many sang the praises of their beloved (reusable) containers, I couldn’t possibly name you all, though here’s a nice sampling. Thanks for going LLL, Ana, Andria Betty, Dhara, Elena, Farida, Fiorella, Lillian, Madeleine, Marie, Rita, Sarah, Suly, Tammy! Chad brought up the idea of a reusable food container program for food courts. That’s a lot to chew on, and a great idea.

Speaking of chewing, remember there are ingenious ways to recycle, including Halloween candy. Happy Halloween, happy extra hour of weekend, and happy #WasteFreeUHN.