Michael Kurz (UHN), Robert Hollis (EVP of PRESTO), Lisa Vanlint (UHN) Kyle Leetham, Ulrica Ho, Aneesah Luqman & Ania Ksiazek of Smart Commute Toronto-Central celebrate UHN’s win as SmartCommute Employer of the Year.
Mike Kurz , Robert Hollis (EVP PRESTO), Lisa Vanlint, Kyle Leetham, Ulrica Ho, Aneesah Luqman & Ania Ksiazek of Smart Commute Toronto-Central, Employer of the Year award.

We are proud to announce some local organic victories for UHN, starting with last week. UHN won the SmartCommute Employer of the Year award for sustainable transportation, a competition between workplaces throughout Toronto. For those unsure of what on earth sustainable transportation is, think anything except driving alone in a car. As they say, you’re not stuck in traffic, you are traffic. Public transportation, cycling, walking and carpooling all reduce SOVs on the road and CO2s in the air (Single Occupancy Vehicles & Carbon Dioxide respectively). Here’s how …


The recent Ontario Hospital Association HealthAchieve Conference saw even more happy hardware bestowed upon UHN. We became the first ever hospital to be inducted into the Energy Efficiency Winner’s Circle. This award recognizes UHN as a leader to all Ontario hospitals in energy conservation, efficiency and management over the years.
Operation TLC has helped staff turn off lights and computers when not in use, and UHN has reduced building energy use by installing more efficient equipment. The result is green 2 ways: environmentally, and with a utility bill lowered by about $1 million a year.

UHN OHA Green Awards 2014-proshot
UHN received the OHA Waste Management Award, recognizing efforts in the 3Rs: Reducing, Reusing & Recycling. Though just 20 votes shy of the Green Hospital of the Year award, UHN was acknowledged as a finalist. On the upside, it is a great honour to be nominated and something to strive for next year.
This green sweep is possible because UHN invests the resources and spirit to make it so. The Energy & Environment department, powered by the enthusiasm of over 600 green team members, works across sites and silos to achieve patient and planet-centred care. That is definitely something to cheer about.

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