The overwhelming impression of winter in our fair city is one of darkness.  Well, okay…maybe cold.   And wet.   But also darkness.  So it’s no surprise that one of the ways we celebrate the season is with light.


We put lights on our houses, we put lights in trees, we light candles, we put up lights just for the sake of having lights…and we turn on lights so we can see things in the winter darkness.  And at UHN, we have even more to celebrate with all the things we’ve been able to do with lights over the past year.  We put LEDs, super-efficient lights in our parking lots , our stairwells, auditoriums and a whole buncha other places , we got better at turning off the lights when nobody’s home  and celebrated time and time again with the Golden Light Switch .

And 2015 is shaping up to be equally as enlightening, with more LEDs, more people turning off the lights and more Golden Light Switches being awarded.  So go ahead – embrace winter with a bit of light…just remember to turn them off when you leave for the day.

Happy Holidays to everyone from UHN Energy & Environment.


P.S.  For those at UHN, get some great energy saving ideas and tools, and access to UHN’s real time electricity use on the Energy & Environment intranet page at