By now, most people have heard about a not-so-little thing called Climate Change. If not, there’s a book or 2 you may want to read (emergency-blog-kittens included). When you have a really important and life-saving organization like healthcare, it’s critical to stay up and running, even during Mother Nature’s extremest weather events.  We call that “resilience”. Granted, I’m sure taco stands and hair salons want to stay up and running too, so we can all use a little resilience.

The recent Hospital News article by Linda Varangu (Canadian Coalition for Green HealthCare) talks about ways to get ready.

Hospital News Article

Incidentally, the resident expert quoted in the article is our very own Kady Cowan:

Making sure the right people have the right information is the first step anyone can start at anytime. The Climate Change Resiliency Toolkit can help get this conversation going.

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