Quick Hit – Bickle Parking Lot Lighting

As all of our devoted followers know, UHN’s Energy and Environment team is constantly looking for opportunities to upgrade old inefficient lighting to highly efficient LEDs.  Over at the Toronto Rehab Bickle Centre, facilities has had ongoing problems with light levels in the parking areas, largely due to existing HID metal halide lamps burning out.  The existing lighting consisted of a mix of 400W and 250W metal halide lamps, which have an average operating life of 8,000-15,000 hours (i.e. 1-2 years).  With several lamps burning out, we had an opportunity to go with a better LED option.

We replaced ten of the lamps with a high efficiency 211W LED fixture, with an expected life of 150,000 hours (15+ years).  The new fixtures will help to alleviate the high cost of replacing lamps, which typically involves bringing in an electrician and renting a lift.  Additionally, we are getting higher light levels (enhanced safety and visibility) with the new lamps and lower energy consumption.

Overall savings (including energy savings and maintenance savings) are expected to be $3,000 per year.  The remaining lights are planned to be replaced in a phased manner, budgets permitting.

And if you are wondering, yes, I ventured out in the freezing cold winter nights, took my gloves off to function the camera, and took some pretty before/after photos just for you.


Before Lighting Retrofit


After Lighting Retrofit

4 thoughts on “Quick Hit – Bickle Parking Lot Lighting

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