That’s the question we investigated for the past year with the input of nearly 700 members of the UHN community. You shared your expertise in interviews, sent your ideas online, shared your soothing foods on post-it notes, dug into complexity at conversations cafés, responded to surveys, and even gave your feedback on a fantastic Ontario soup made by Chef Geremy Capone at the ELLICSR kitchen. We couldn’t hope for better participation. Thank you!

What we found is that our food system at UHN is complex and well, … serving more local food to our patients is not as simple as tree to tray. So we created a 3-minute animation video to explain how things work:

And for those of you who want to dig even deeper, we are also releasing our first case study: Exploring the Place of Ontario Food at University Health Network. The 4 pages document summarizes important insights and data about hospital food from inside UHN & beyond, and offers hypotheses on how to move forward for systemic change to take root. We hope this case study can give Ontario food producers, hospital employees, patients and their families a better sense of where we are at now. This is just the first course of a much greater feast.

Case study capture

And for those who can’t stop thinking about local food for healthcare, we are sharing our food ecosystem with you.

UHN Food Ecosystem