Not that awards are a reason to do things, but they certainly are lovely, sparkly and shiny. Speaking of, there’s this great award out there just begging for nominations: The Green Healthcare Individual Leadership Award at HealthAchieve 2015.

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Ontario Hospital Association: Green Healthcare Program

The Individual Leadership award “recognizes a hospital employee who has made an outstanding individual contribution to reducing their hospital’s environmental impact and inspiring the hospital to go green.”

Do you know any individuals out there … I don’t know, could be anybody … who you think might deserve an individual leadership award for making their healthcare facility the greenest it can be? Great! Nominate that person! Here are the guidelines, and you have until September 11th, 2015 to get your ducks in a row.  Once you write your 2 pages, email the nomination to Isabella Wai, Here’s what the OHA has to say about it:

Nominations will be accepted for individuals who have made an outstanding contribution in reducing health care’s environmental impact. Nominees should be from an organization that is an Ontario health service provider who is a member of the Ontario Hospital Association and/or the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care. Your nomination submission must answer the following questions in a maximum of 2 pages:
• What did this individual do?
• How did this individual do it?
• In what way was it important?
• How did this individual demonstrate leadership?
• What tangible results for the organization or the community have occurred?

So if there’s anyone out there, anyone at all, that could use an environmentally friendly pat on the back, don’t be shy. Get nominating!

Happy writing,