Obviously I couldn’t leave without saying adieu. It isn’t really good-bye…more like see you later.  Although my time at UHN has come to a close I will picking up the slack at my new post a little south of here at the Carolinas Healthcare System in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I will be doing a lot of the same ol’ stuff to keep the hospitals green and operations running smoothly.  Keep in touch on twitter @kadysee if you like…or maybe the talkin’ trash team will have me back to post a blog or two about what it is like to be building sustainability on new ground.

I feel really lucky to have been able to do what I do at UHN with all of you and especially the great green team lead by the incomparable Energy and Environment department.  We have built world class everything from energy management, to green buildings, to sustainable transportation. I will really miss this place – but not before I gloat a little about all the kudos and accomplishments we have achieved together over the years. I will look back fondly on all these green memories, the people and the places. I can’t wait to see what you will all accomplish next.

Bye with pride