Over the last month, I have been lucky to attend two great lighting events organized by the Canadian Urban Institute LightSavers program.  The first was the Canada 2015 National LED Lighting Summit in November and the second was a workshop regarding LED Lighting for Parking Facilities   in early December.  The Summit included various facility owners, LED lighting suppliers, speakers extolling the virtues of LED lighting technology, and discussions of current and future applications.  The workshop for parking facilities was a more detailed discussion about the applications in parking facilities, barriers to implementation, and case studies.  In fact, UHN’s own Elizabeth Street Parkade retrofit  was recognized as an excellent application and was used as a case study.  It’s great to see some of the lighting projects at UHN getting recognition from other organizations!

If you are reading this and thinking “gee, I wish I could also do a successful lighting retrofit,” CUI has a bunch of design guides that can help: http://www.canurb.org/lightsavers/

Just because we’ve had success on this and a few other lighting projects here, here, and here, we’re not resting on our laurels just yet!  Here are a few new and exciting LED projects we are working on:

UHN-wide LED T8 replacement

Recently, reliable and cost effective products have come on the market that allow for a plug and play replacement of T8 fluorescent lighting with an equivalent LED.  The LED tubes consume 18W compared to 32W for a standard T8 fluorescent – almost 50% savings.  Lamp life is also doubled, reducing the frequency of replacement. We are replacing 720 lamps at TRI-UC with the help of Gord Wood and his hard working facilities team and we are targeting all 24/7 T8 fluorescent applications across UHN for the same retrofit.  The savings will add up fast!

TRI-BC Phase two of Parking lot light replacement

The first ten lamps replaced at Bickle were highly successful and we are continuing the installation of more LEDs for the parking lot as well as the walkways.

TRI-RC replacement of canopy lighting

Existing lighting is inefficient and expensive metal halide technology.  Ballasts and bulbs are frequently burning out and we are testing some new canopy fixtures to make sure we won’t have a lighting issue in the RC parking lot for many years.

Look for the savings numbers to be posted on this blog as the projects are completed.

Also, it just wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t mention LED Christmas lights!  Convert those old incandescent string lights that are constantly breaking and burning out to LEDs and save up to 94% of the electricity!

Christmas LEDs