Ah, end-of year lists. Love ’em or hate ’em, it’s fun to see the cream of the annual crop rise up. Thanks to the power of analytic tools, we know what you’ve been reading (or not), so this list is entirely on you. Here we go, looking back at our top stories (which you can jump right into with the click of a pic). They’re grouped thematically, not numerically, and it really says a lot about you, our lovely readers. Speaking of cream…

You care a lot about energy conservation (and donuts and contests) …


Ever wonder how many donuts equates to the energy used by leaving your computer on during the weekend? Mmm … donuts. We also chose our #NameMyTLC winner: “Turn it Off Before You Go-Go”

Chad at Home: Investigating Energy Waste by Chad Berndt Looking to be a sustainable homeowner or renter? Chad gives you the 411 on the low hanging fruit you can easily accomplish to make your home a more sustainable and save you money!
Chad shows us how, no matter if own or rent, there are lots of simple ways to make your home more energy and penny wise.

You’ve got game! Specifically, the PanAm games this past summer, and the sustainable transportation workarounds that ensued . Say the 4 R’s with me now: Reduce, Re-time, Re-mode & Reroute:

Let the Games Begin! And let's have a plan to get there so we don't repeat Atlanta's Olympic transportation nightmare
Let the Games Begin! And let’s have a plan to get there so we don’t repeat Atlanta’s Olympic transportation nightmare


With 235 kms of temporary HOV lanes crisscrossing the GTA, you learned when they needed 3, when 2, and why never just 1 irate guy in a convertible.


You have heart, and really loved our stories on sending our used-but-still-good beds to Ebola hospitals in Africa:

Stacks of beds in the warehouse
Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a new bed (or 150), and how donating them made a heart-felt difference in a hospital in Liberia, But first, lots of logistics in moving, stacking and shipping…


The final destination ... this is what its all about. Image credit Korle-Bu newsletter
The final destination … this is what its all about. Image credit Korle-Bu newsletter


You also have a stomach, one that likes the locally-sourced good stuff (plus awesome videos):


And you have legs … or stories with legs (aka, things from years past that you keep clicking on). The award seriously goes to Chad who has the top 3:

How Are You Keeping Cool?
How Are You Keeping Cool? (hint, not by dragging ice blocks)


coffee - munk atrium
Wake up and smell the coffee. Did you know Canadians dispose of more coffee cups per year than there are people in China? Chad jives on the java to make you rethink your coffee-drinking habits and maybe lug-a-mug sometimes.


Summer and Energy (waste not, want not -while you’re camping and hitting the beach)


Flip the Flaps
Have you always wanted to be a warrior against waste, a trooper tackling trash, or a Jedi combating junk? Say no more! Olga Muir will open-handedly show you her ninja skills for reducing waste at TWH! (nice description by Sam Rowe)


You love water, but nothing watered down. You delved right into the technical stuff:

Figure 6 Angelo Bruni, TWH Facilities Manager with the new 250 hp VFDs installed at chiller plant.
Why we love to go with the variable flow! Angelo Bruni, TWH Facilities Manager with the new 250 hp VFDs installed at chiller plant.


Got Water? Conserving Blue Gold (no, this particular toilet is not a good example of being water-wise)


You love a good listicle (list + article) to get on the green path:

image credit: bengallagher.com
9 Tiny Ways to be a Big Hero. image credit: bengallagher.com



Celeste and Perry
7 Habits of Highly Ecoffective People



You also go for the guest stars:

Dan Rubinstein (yes, Ed’s bro!) tells us the solution’s right there at the bottom of our legs.


Dr. Sea Rotmann
Dr. Sea Rotmann helps the behaviour changers change people’s behaviour .


You celebrate with the best of ’em:

TWH celebrates Earthweek
Earthweek celebrations across UHN (and the world, natch). Here, TWH celebrates Earthweek


And you love looking back at last year

credit: toronto.ca
Top 14 ways we were Talkin Trash in 2014


With that, we wish you all a very happy and sweet 2016!