(remembering D. Bowie)

Heroes. They come in all shapes and sizes.  They turn up in the most unexpected places during the most unexpected times.  They’re all around us.

There are the super-natural heroes, created and kept alive in our stories and imaginations, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, preserving peace and justice for all.


There are the more down-to-earth, but still larger than life, heroes whose passion, dedication, sacrifice and, well, heroism, changes life for and helps so many…or sometimes just a few.

There are the cultural heroes (think Iginla to Crosby or Kurt Vonnegut or Jeff Tweedy or…), who give us cause to celebrate collectively, remind us of our potential and sometimes even give us, as individuals, a new perspective.

There are the knowledge heroes, some famous, some not, but all dedicating themselves to helping us better understand the world we live in…so that we can live in it better.

There are the every-day heroes, all around us, with the ability to inspire, just by being themselves and doing what they do…lots of those passing through the walls of UHN, not to mention the heroes working and caring within those walls.

And there are our personal heroes, the individuals we’ve met along the way – family, friends, and even random strangers – who’ve somehow touched us, helped us, inspired us and made us better people…like the 70 something lady met by a twenty something me while she was solo hiking New Zealand’s 51 kilometer Abel Tasman Coast Track. Well, I was hiking…she was “out for a toddle”.

And, of course, because this is Talkin’ Trash, there are the environmental heroes.  Stewards, watchers, caregivers, alarm raisers, educators, inspirers and hard workers…too many to name…

And, even more of course, because this is Talkin’ Trash, you know that there are many, many environmental heroes at UHN.

It’s everyone who volunteers to be part of UHN’s Green Team, or signs up to be a TLC Energy Expert.

It’s everyone who’s reached out with an idea of how to make things better…or a word of encouragement.

It’s everyone who’s taken that extra moment to recycle, turn-off a light or bring their own refillable travel mug.

In short…the real environmental heroes at UHN are…you.

Happy New Year, UHN, Happy New Year.


And the stars look very different today

– David Bowie, Space Oddity