At the risk of sounding like a crinkly old granny in a rocking chair … back in my day, career advice and measures of success went heavy on the bottom-line. Meaningful work and corporate social responsibility weren’t big concepts yet. A lot has changed. According to Bmeaningful, a social impact jobsite:

Career success is no longer defined only by how much you make but also by how much impact you have. More professionals are choosing their jobs by the impact they can have on the world. 30% of millennials identify meaningful work as the single most important factor for a successful career.

I’ve heard so much trash talk about how kids today aren’t as motivated as previous generations like X’s or Boomers, dagnabbit. Maybe these Millennials know a thing or 2 about something more important?

Speaking of Millennials with meaningful work, this very same jobsite profiled our own Mike Kurz! At the risk of making him go red in an “aw shucks” kind of way…

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Way to go, Mike!