I’ve had the pleasure of ushering UHN through 5 eco-friendly circles round the sun of Earth Days. With celebrations for 2016 freshly behind us, I want to look back and take stock (not the soupy kind, though that might help my cold).

What I appreciate most is seeing the amazing efforts of our green team volunteers who make it all possible. Some are new faces, and some have come out every year. I’d like to give a special mention to some volunteers who’ve come out 4 out of 5 years: Bianca Arendt, Christine Fernandes and Perry Ross:

Sarah and Bianca pledging green on Earth Week 2014

Perry and Gad at Earth Week 2015
Perry and Gad at Earth Week 2015


2016 Earth Week at Toronto General with Michael, Maria and Christine
Michael, Maria and Christine at Earth Week 2016


And we found that 1 volunteer has actually done all 5 out of 5 Earthday celebrations. Drumroll please … congratulations to Maria Yepes, aka Nana:

Maria Yepes with her grandchild's Earth Day Drawing
Maria Yepes with her grandchild’s Earth Day Drawing


The drawing Maria holds, lovingly done by her young grandchild, kinda says it all. The N’s may be backwards, but the spirit is very forward thinking.


Happy post Earth Week, and Happy Victoria Day Weekend!