My previous blog described a unique energy conservation project at UHN’s Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower (PMCRT). With innovative contaminant sensing technology, we were able to convert our research lab exhaust system from constant flow to variable flow, which significantly decreased loading on the exhaust fan motors. As described in the blog, this change produced a reduction in electricity peak demand (kW) of 38.5% and reduction in overall annual electricity consumption (kWh) of 42.7%.

We thought this was a great project and, apparently, others did too! Toronto Hydro has been aware of the project throughout development and implementation and has been key in helping the project proceed by providing energy savings incentives as part of the saveONenergy program. As if the incentive check wasn’t awesome enough, this week Toronto Hydro also decided to recognize UHN’s energy management team for the uniqueness of the project by awarding it the “Most Innovative Project” of 2016.

We are very thankful and proud to be recognized in this way and look forward to implementing other innovative technologies in 2017 and beyond.