With events like Earth Week, we’re reminded of some classic tenets like “Think Global, Act Local”, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, and “I am not a Treehugger. I am an Arboreal Embracement Engineer” … the last one’s not common, but should be :). This year, the messaging grew bigger.

Around the world, many concerned people
got clever and creative with their poster-making supplies. There was good cause … the various Marches For Science held on April 22, Earth Day itself. You didn’t have to be a scientist to march, just someone that believes in it. The goal was to show support for facts and positive actions, especially in the face of climate change.

Climate change is not exactly a walk in the park, so protester went for the funny side to keep people from clicking to kittens (DYK you can have both? The Truth About Climate Change … As Told by Dapper Kittens  … so worth it!).

Here are my favorite #MarchForScience signs. Speaking favorites, you can still vote for the Best Lights-Off Design which are also pretty creative and clever. Meanwhile, back to the science:


Speaking of those dapper kittens …