We sent out the note below to remind UHN staff to “Turn It Off Before You Go Go” for the Canada Day long weekend.  We’re aiming for 150 Reasons why we should “turn off”…

150 Reasons Why – An Operation TLC Turn It Off Before You Go Go Canada Day reminder

150 years of Canada greatness deserves at least 150 reasons to Turn It* Off Before You Go Go this long weekend.  I’ve come up with the first dozen to get things started, but 150 is a big number…so send in your reasons and we’ll add our favourites to the list.

*It = lights, computers (if safe to do so), copiers, “Canada 150” LED snow globes, monitors, printers, coffee makers, most things with a switch (if safe to do so), closing window blinds if you have them…and don’t forget meeting rooms, break rooms, washrooms and other shared spaces.

Happy Birthday Canada!


150 Canadian Reasons Why You Should Turn It Off Before You Go Go:

  1. Because it’s better to spend money on taking care of patients than on hydro bills.
  2. Wasted electricity = more greenhouse gases = more climate change.
  3. Tackling climate change = the greatest global health opportunity of the 21st century (says the Lancet).
  4. “…stewardship is an essential core value for every health care organization…(and) means a commitment to use supplies, energy and other resources as if they were our own”.
  5. Wasted electricity = more fossil fuels being burned unnecessarily = more air pollution = more cardiac, respiratory and other diseases (says the UK’s Royal College of Physicians)
  6. Q: How many UHNers does it take to turn-off a lightbulb?  A: One – just you 🙂
  7. Every electron is beautiful and unique and deserves to be respected.  Okay, maybe not beautiful and unique…but respected…yes!
  8. You wouldn’t leave the lights on at home before going out…would you?
  9. Wasted electricity = unnecessary heat…and it’s hot enough already! (at least I hope it is this weekend)
  10. Climate change = threat to coffee supply (yup, this is serious, folks).
  11. Because when it comes to relatively clean, inexpensive (yes, inexpensive) energy, we kinda won the lottery by being able to live in Canada.
  12. Q: How many UHNers does it take to turn-off a lightbulb? A: All of them!
  13. Canada always stands for what is right!!
  14. Because it is simply the right thing to do for our country to have another 150 years…
  15. Because it’s simply what a real, responsible Canadian would do. (It comes naturally eh!)
  16. Because several people in many parts of the world are living without electricity.
  17. Contribute to the globe, our next generations…
  18. Climate change is “absolutely a threat” to the supply of chocolate, says the maker of Mars bars
  19. Come on, you wouldn’t think of not flushing the toilet when you were done.
  20. Global warming is messing with “Game of Thrones”.