For many, myself included, the first week of September is marked by the dreaded (or celebrated – depends on your perspective, I guess) “back to school”. But for me this year I’ve decided to mark the week with a new tradition…the Mid Year’s Resolution.  You see, a funny thing happened to me this summer; for the first time in around 10 years, I started regularly cycling to work again…and with the return to school I’ve decided that I’m going to stick with it.

I used to be an avid cycle-commuter, riding almost every day, in all types of weather. I had the gear (though could never really figure out how to keep my toes warm in the winter), I had the drive…and, most importantly, I had the time.  But then life happened and cycling to work was no longer an easy fit.  But life, like cycling, is in constant motion and one day this past summer I found myself in a situation where I not only had the time to bike, but it was actually the best way for me to get to work.

And I loved it.

I’d forgotten how good it feels to move by pedal power, and how much better the work day felt when bookmarked at both ends by a bike ride. Sure, some things had changed – I was impressed, despite its many wants, at how much better the City’s cycling infrastructure had gotten, and riding now saves me way more money and lets me avoid way more crowded subways than before (hey…I love ya @TTChelps, but sometimes you make it hard) – but the things that drew me to cycling in the first place were all still there.

So here’s to a resolution so good, I couldn’t wait until the new year, and to the start of a new tradition!

Have a great ride!


p.s. UHNers who also want to ride their bike’s to work should check out our Bicycle User Group by visiting the Energy & Environment intranet page, and everyone is welcome to see what’s happening on the Talkin’ Trash with UHN Cycling page.