Normally we encourage everyone to turn off the lights, but as it’s the holidays, we’re all for a little sparkle and shine … especially considering the cornucopia of LED lights and timers. With the winter solstice hitting at precisely 11:28 AM on Thursday December 21, even more reason to inject some light into these darkest days of the year.


Funfact: LED lights use 80% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lights.


Funfact: Some LED lights can change colour, so you can go from elegant monochrome to festive multicolour in the same strand of lights.


And while you enjoy all the lights of the season, don’t forget to power down everywhere else. If you’re taking a break from work for a while, turn off your lights, computer, printer … anything with a plug and a switch…

“Turn it off before you go go” has been our catchy way to  encourage lights-off behaviour. We’ve kept it going for George.

Speaking of turning it off before you go go, I have to add Ed’s amazing poem…


If you’re going somewhere sunny or snowy, turn down your thermostat, water heater, fridge and unplug small appliances to save energy while you’re away.

P.S. as a holiday present, check out these Smart Thermostat $100 Rebates for Ontario Homes. Starting December 13, 2017 purchase and install one of the qualifying smart thermostat models and receive a $100 rebate from Save on Energy and the Green Ontario Fund.