Before we can look forward to the new year, it’s a right of passage to take a good, solid look back. Through the power of clicks, you sent these stories to the top. And since we don’t boost our posts, it’s all 100% organic information. Rather than going just by the numbers, let’s look at what’s fresh in each season…

Winter Tales:

Ashwati channels her inner paranoid parrot for pollution prevention, 1 chemical at a time.

Chad chats about the electric vehicles, and how/why that’s a good thing.

Look who’s on the Green Wall of Fame!

Spring Stories:

UHN Light Switch Plate Design Contest: clever ways to conserve energy


Snake Plant
The indoor environment affects your health, here’s what you can do about it.
Allan shows how alarming the fault detection system can be

Summer Scoop:

Mike takes a Megabyte out of our Energy Bills!
The Garden of Eatin’ really GROWS at Bickle Centre
opGreen-Jennifer and Jessica
Jessica shares 4 Lessons Learned with Operation Green
My deep dive into all the crazy waste streams (no, not literally) and why recycling rules aren’t the same everywhere.


outside before retrofit
Outdoor Fixtures before Songyang gets the lights to shine only when needed

Fall Facts & Fiction:

I Want To Ride My Bicycle (To Work): Ed’s Back To School Mid Year’s Resolution
Amanda gains newfound respect for farmers with Garden Rehab On Wheels

And though we did this list by the seasons, here’s a perfect story to end on…

And the Interhospital Waste Reduction Challenge winner is…

And that’s all folks! Wishing you all a greener 2018.