With the first month of 2018 more than 2/3rds done (I know, right!), we’re checking in on those New Years Resolutions while they’re still semi-fresh. We asked a few weeks ago what your best of intentions were, and are pleased to see your answers. From lowest to highest, let’s see what you plan to do…

18. Tied: “I will fix my basement and make it less drafty”, and “Use transit instead of car to get to work”.

Thankfully, between Save ON Energy rebates and Energy Star appliances, there’s lots of energy savings beyond the lightswitch.

For transit in the GTA, the faster King Street car and the new Presto integrated fare  make riding the better way.

17.  I will bring a suitcase of medical supplies to a needy country via Not Just Tourists next time I travel

While the weather outside is frightful (sorry, holiday earworm), a vacation sure looks good. And it will feel even better if you bring medical supplies along with your sunglasses. For those that said YES here, let us know how it goes.

16. I will switch to an electric or hybrid car or no car at all

The future (and present) is electric. Test drive a bunch of different brands of EVs at the Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre. Got range anxiety? Ontario just announced grants to expand EV charging station grid. Share the ride with a carpool, and of course, not driving is the greenest commute of all.

15. I will install/program a smart thermostat to save on heating/cooling

Loving those Save ON Energy rebates, including $100 off a smart thermostat!

14. I will repair my appliances, clothes and stuff that’s broken

If you are not the handiest or craftiest, there are Repair Cafés throughout Toronto and around the world.

13. I will grow some veggies and fruits, (doesn’t get more local than that)

Check out last year’s progress with the Bickle GROW garden, aka Garden of Eatin’. It’s soon time to start those seeds.

12. I will lug a mug to the coffee shop (and grab my discount for doing it)

If the waste from your daily habit is getting you down, it’s pretty easy to wake up and smell the coffee. Most places give anywhere from 10 – 25 cents for your efforts.

11. I will use antibiotics only when medically necessary, and if I buy meat, it will be antibiotic-free

Nearly 80% of antibiotics are sold for agricultural use in animals, yikes! If we overuse these in prescriptions and on our plates, we may enter a post-antibiotic era where a simple infection can be lethal.10. I will walk and bike to work/errands more

The solution to traffic congestion, air pollution, personal fitness and wellness is right there at the bottom of our legs.

9. I will give more to charity and/or volunteer my time

The more we give or help, the happier we feel. It’s like a happy karmic boomerang.

8. I will limit my screen time

By definition, this is a blog is online, so you are excused from this one until you get to the end. That said, happiness really does exist IRL.

7. I will lose weight

I’m pleased to see this one at #7 and not #1, as there are so many other ways to turn over a new leaf that don’t involve a scale. Speaking of 7, the best nutritional advice is still Michael Pollan’s 7 words … “eat food, not too much, mostly plants”.

6. I will recycle more (blue bin and ewaste, batteries etc.)

Yes! Sounds good. For more on the how and why, see this deep dive on the subject.

5. I will spend more time with family and friends

We humans are all social animals. This pairs nicely with #8, as a little less screen time leaves more family and friends time.

4. I will exercise regularly, especially outside in nature

Exercise and ecotherapy, just spending time outside in nature, is a real pick-me-up. Soon your doctor may write a prescription to take 2 trees and call me in the morning

3. I will eat more veggies and fruits, especially the local ones

This is a perfect accompaniment to #7, #11 and #13. Need help? Check out local farmers markets.

2. I will always turn off the lights when I leave an empty room

Thrilled this one made it so close to the top! Simple, good energy-saving behaviours make a huuuuge difference at work and at home.

Turning Off Lights & Computers. EarthWeek 2014

1. I will organize my closet and donate old clothes, toys, stuff

Like the Stop, Drop & Swap event at Research, this kind of reuse is even better than recycling! It’s like giving a whole new life to your stuff and saves sourceing new materials to make that stuff. Trash to Treasure is a way better model than the  disposable one.

I hope you have all the success in the world with each and every one of these. May next year’s resolution be to just keep on keeping on.