BikeRacksElizTGH-JustinJoannaMeganWhen it comes to awards, what’s better than gold? Platinum! Happy to announce that for the first time ever, UHN won the Smart Commute PLATINUM Workplace designation, the highest mark in Metrolinx’s program.

How? By the collective action of staff  making their commute to work a little more green. They walked, biked, carpooled and took public transit instead of driving alone.

How else? UHN made that possible by investing in bike parking, running a TTC VIP program, investing in Smart Commute membership leads to the ridesharing app to connect carpoolers, and lots more

How Green are UHN’s commuters?

  • 2,407 staff members sign up for monthly TTC VIP passes
  • 1,198 bicycle parking spaces are used throughout UHN’s sites
  • 700 Bicycle User Group members
  • Some carpool-only spots in staff parking lots
  • An online carpool matching resource links staff who want to share a ride
  • UHN-operated shuttle buses connect staff and patients between sites

As part of my role, I am lucky enough to get to champion sustainable transportation at UHN. This is one of my favorite areas as it’s where greenness and wellness meet. By participating in sustainable forms of transportation, we help unsnarl our city, clean the air and make the streets a little safer for all types of transportation. Not to sound too corny, but this helps our patients, our communities, and ourselves.


As luck would have it, this win coincides nicely with Carpool Week. Some details on that below:

CARPOOL WEEK Contest period Jan. 29 to Feb. 11, 2018

Use the Smart Commute tool ​ to find a carpool partner and to log carpool trips.

Staff who log a carpool trip between Jan. 29 and Feb. 11 have a chance to win a $500 VIA Rail travel voucher! Sweet! Staff can also use this tool to for other types of sustainable transportation, truly refreshing their A to B.


For related news, check out TEAM EFFORT NETS UHN SMART COMMUTE PLATINUM on the UHN webpage.

Ride and carpool on!