A Sneak Peek at Earth Week

You know it’s April when Mother Nature can’t make up her mind (appropriate April attire? Flip-flops and a parka). Let’s do some cheering up with a week long celebration…


There are lots of ways to show your love for our shared planet, no matter where you work or live. Here are just some of the resources for our citycountry and world. This is a perfect time to amp up your sustainable side. If you happen to be at or near any UHN site, give us a visit!

UHN Earth Week (Month) Schedule

Come meet your UHN green team and talk some trash (and recycling, composting, energy saving and more). Eco-friendly games, prizes…

schedule-graphic (2).png

And for a look just at the Gardening Workshops… 

Awesome stuff from our friends at Wellness! Just $5 to cover material costs. Register in advance to reserve your spot (and so they bring enough seeds for you)

Gardening Flyer-2018-Wellness

Gardening Flyer-2018-Wellness

Intro to Gardening Registration Form-2



One thought on “A Sneak Peek at Earth Week

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