Though we in healthcare usually try to avoid contagion, this is the positive kind, where 1 good thing begets another. Following last week’s theme featuring 5 UHN green teams, we have even more to showcase. Speaking of showcases, check out the Earth Week photos on our Facebook page! Points if you can find 1 picture of Mike without his trademark thumbs-up.

Meanwhile, back to the green team. This entry just missed the Earth Week display, but I’m thrilled to feature it here! As always, REUSE is even better than recycling, and a lot, a lot, a lot better than landfill. Stick a fork in that.

Put your money where your mouth is … and that’s exactly what the Procurement team does! Beyond the lovely mugs below, they include sustainability in corporate bids, noted in this key part of the purchasing policy: “Consideration will be given to potential environmental impacts when procuring products and services”.

Love the CCSO! Each time they have a green success, they look around and see what else they can do. Special thanks to Jonathan for leading this group and always inviting me to sit in on their meetings.


We will end big with the RMP Green Team. They have so many eco-friendly notches on their belts, including the Green-Wall-of-Fame, the Golden Light Switch, Recycling rescue, and art, that we’ve almost run out of space :). Plus, check out those vests! Special kudos to Veng, Nathaniel, Kitty, and the whole RMP team! Lue-Ann’s green legacy lives on.

Most importantly, know that imitation is the greatest form of flattery … every one of these ideas can and should be repeated (much like this line which I said last week).