DMOH Green Squad L – R : Theresa Moonsammy; Katty MacLean; Nancy Vukovic; Jennifer Ryan; Erin Grissman; Helen Borowski; James Austin (Manager DMOH)

Not to worry our friends in Infection Prevention and Control, but we have more in the “green teams, where sustainability is contagious (in a good way)” series. Congrats to the Division of Medical Oncology and Hematology (DMOH) Green Squad! Amid their long list of eco-active things, they rescue single use coffee cups from their building (Hydro, where they are not recycled) and bring them next door to PMH where they are recycled. (Remember: buildings may have different recycling rules). Check out their gorgeous reusable green team mugs!

A note from Jennifer:

Hi Lisa,

Just a little picture-note of “thanks” from the DMOH Green Squad! It was wonderful to have your support at our staff meeting and we absolutely LOVED our mugs!

We’ve rescued 682 coffee cups (and counting) from heading to a landfill and are actively working on other initiatives! It was a powerful visual for staff to see the amount we collected in just one week. It sparked good conversations about the impact of single use containers. We are super excited our fearless leader (DMOH Manager), James Austin, spontaneously joined the squad! He is already taking steps towards litterless staff lunches! This group is truly made up of superheroes – I’m excited to see how each member will contribute their own skillsets, interests and passion. I’m so proud of how they’ve hit the ground running already!

Thanks again for your mug-nificent support and for taking the time to meet with us and support/inform our efforts!



What a squad! Since this note, they have already had their first “bring your plate and utensils” staff lunch. They are fixing recycling signage from old, out of date and incorrect to better than ever. And they educate staff on how to recycle properly wherever they are.

What’s on the horizon for this fearless team? a Shoreline Cleanup at Ashbridges Bay East! Stay tuned on what this group can do.

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