We’ve often joked about acronym bingo, what with all the BRBs, IMOs and OMGs, but have you heard of MUSH? Not the bowl full in Goodnight Moon, but Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hospitals … that MUSH.

Turns out this is a pretty important category when it comes to energy, since we are large and use a lot. So if and when we do things to use less, it really counts across Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the world.

With that, the Energy Into Action Innovation Awards recognize these good deeds (and great projects like this, this, this, this and this). We are extremely proud to announce that UHN won #1 in the large MUSH category (technically, tied for #1 with the City of Mississauga, but who’s counting?).

2018-EnergyAward-Lisa and Mike
Mike and I clutch the shiny new award from Energy Into Action. Thanks so much to Jana for nominating us. (L-R) Natalie McLauchlin (Alectra), Lisa Vanlint (UHN), Mike Kurz (UHN), Jana Jedlovska (Toronto Hydro), Michael Marchant (Toronto Hydro).
2018 award
ready for a close up

This wasn’t just an awards presentation, it was an opportunity to learn, mix and mingle with all people and things energy conserving. As it took place the day before Halloween, there were plenty of costumes and candy.

Rockin’ the Lobster look

If you missed it, we got your back. You can find all of the presentations online. I particularly liked Paul Leitch’s take on energy efficiency amid changing government policy, showcasing the great GHG-busting work at University of Toronto.

Another favorite was Cara Clairman’s presentation on electric vehicle charging in condos and workplaces (EV, for more acronym bingo). We know that the switch from gas guzzlers to electric cars has already begun, though it could pick up the pace a little. Expanding charging stations takes care of a major barrier … range anxiety.

The other bigger barrier is knowledge. People don’t always get that the EV’s fewer moving parts means way less maintenance costs. Between that and saving on gas, that’s about 2K/year. Pretty good, even without government incentives. And if you want to drive without Global Warming Guilt (GWG) or Green House Gas Guilt (GHGG), EV’s are it. You can test drive them at Plug n Drive.

pic-moving parts
EV’s fewer moving parts means way less maintenance costs. Between maintenance and gas savings, that 2 K less/year.

My son is 4 years from getting a learner’s permit. I hope by that time, EVs will overtake gas engines. That will make me breathe easier, though teaching him to drive will not :).



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