As sure as the indigestion after a holiday meal, it would be wrong to end the year without a Best of 2018 rundown. And because you’ve already finished everything on your list (or because you’re studiously avoiding your list, we don’t judge), tuck in and enjoy. In no particular order, other than being in the top 18, (click on the pics to jump to the stories)

Once Upon A Time – Talkin’ Trash, New Year 2018. Perfect to end the year with the importance of stories. As Ed said here; “Stories are how we express ourselves, how we learn, how we relate to others, how we empathize and share…all bundled up in a package that, at a minimum, hopefully entertains, but at its best inspires and motivates.” (plus earworm a la Brady Bunch)

TTC VIP CHANGES – and the big picture:  See how your transit pass and climate change are related.

Re-Using Virox Containers to Grow Plants
Re-Using Virox Containers to Grow Plants. And we know reuse is even better than recycling. See the step-by-step guide by Steven Tran, a radiation therapist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

What you said … Best of Intentions 2018. Good to have a look back to see how many we kept (plus there’s alway 2019).

2018-EnergyAward-Lisa and Mike
Number 1 in MUSH! A distinct honour for Energy into Action. More in the awards category: our smart commute Platinum Win!

The “Mug-nificent” DMOH Green Squad! So many eco-excellent accomplishments, including a Shoreline Cleanup at Ashbridges Bay East. #SquadGoals.


Do we need more EV charging stations? (and I can’t wait to tell you what’s coming!!! Stay tuned in 2019)

New Chiller Plant Saves “Tons” of Energy at UHN’s Bickle Centre. Super cool.

garden-lyndhurst 2018
Can U Dig it? How great are some of UHN’s gardens? It’s patient therapy (some wheelchair accessible too), staff engagement and growing tasty food!

Green Teams … where sustainability is contagious (in a good way)…part 1 and 2. Remember, imitation is the greatest form of flattery…

Deeply Cool
Deeply Cool, an in depth look at the TGH Deep Lake Cooling Project that made our electricity bills look like summer never happened … ya, that good!

Better than Candy, Operation Green’s Supplies Haul. Saving supplies from being wasted in landfill and getting them to communities in need. Everybody wins!


Cost Savings
UHN Cost Savings Analysizer … answering the question: What would our utilities bills look like if we didn’t bother doing energy efficiency projects? (spoiler alert, not good). On the plus side, doing these projects has saved almost $14 million!

Random Thoughts and Observations of a Re-cycled Cyclist. If you start cycling again, is that recycling?


Water tastes better without the plastic. Look what happens with a simple switch from an old-school water cooler by the CCSO greens.


Steam Room
A Free Steam Room Is Gone From TWH, But No Regrets. UHN is not in the spa business, but some areas were one cucumber water away from accidentally setting up shop (thankfully, no longer).


Peak Savings
Mike at Home: The Sequel. aka, smart thermometers are awesome, and who wouldn’t take a shorter shower when you see the polar ice caps melting before your eyes?


Drugs vs. “Bugs”. Nicolette chats with Dr. Andrew Morris, infectious disease specialist and  Director of the Sinai Health System-University Health Network Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP)

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading the rundown as much as we liked writing it. We will leave you with Ed’s poetry:

Bah Humbug! – An Operation TLC Energy Waste Grinching Turn It Off Before You Go Go holiday reminder

‘Twas the week ‘fore the holidays, and hospitals ‘cross the nation,

Were as busy as usual (healthcare takes no vacation).


There are buildings to run, patients to be fed and be nursed,

For at UHN, above all else, the needs of patients come first.


And though we all know that it’s better to give than receive,

Deep down inside I truly believe,


Our friends at Hydro would not call us Scrooges for giving them less,

‘Cause keeping more for our patients is really what’s best.


So for those taking time for some rest and some cheer,

A tiny request that I hope you’ll hold dear,


That before stepping out from the bustle and flow,

You’ll take the time to Turn It* Off Before You Go Go.


Have a safe and happy holiday, UHN…and a big thank you to all who will be working!


It* = lights, computers & monitors (if safe to do so), copiers & printers (if safe to do so), fax machines (if you still have ‘em…and safe to do so), LED snow globes, appliances, LED eggnog warmers…and if you have blinds, please close them. 

And from the rest of us at Talkin’ Trash with UHN, have the best, most freerange, organic holiday ever!