With the first month of 2019 still fresh as a honeycrisp apple, we’re checking in on your good intentions (kinda like New Year’s resolutions, but without the pressure). Of the 19 options, these really hit home with you.

12. Repair my appliances, clothes and stuff that’s broken

Not the handiest or craftiest? There are Repair Cafés throughout Toronto and around the world.

11. Join a Green Team

Well you’re in the right place 🙂

10. Walk and bike to work/errands more

Such a good plan to help your health, air quality and the city’s notorious traffic problem. Switching to more commutes to clean-air ones is one of the best climate change fighters we each have. Bike to get a tofu-burger and you’re a veritable climate hero :).  

9. Lose weight Nice to see this one at #9 and not #1, as there are so many other ways to turn over a new leaf that don’t involve a scale. Favorite nutritional advice is still Michael Pollan’s 7 words … “eat food, not too much, mostly plants”.

8. Lug a mug to the coffee shop (and grab my discount for doing it)

If the waste from your daily habit is getting you down, it’s pretty easy to wake up and smell the coffee. Most places give anywhere from 10 – 25 cents for your efforts. Look at it another way … for the average coffee drinker, not bringing a mug costs you an extra $110/year.

7. Recycle more (blue bin and ewaste, batteries etc.)

Though there are no universal rules for recycling, it’s never been easier to find out how and where. There’s even an app for that.

6. Exercise regularly, especially outside in nature

Yes! See this deep dive on forest bathing.run-in-the-woods

5. Spend more time with family and friends

This pairs nicely with #13 (just shy of the top dozen) as a little less screen time leaves more family and friends time.

4. Eat more veggies and fruits, especially the local ones

Need help? Check out local farmers markets.

3. Buy less single-use anything (especially plastic)
Disposable is so last century. This pairs really well with #8.

2. Always turn off the lights when I leave an empty room

Thrilled this one made it so close to the top! Simple, good energy-saving behaviours make a huuuuge difference at work and at home.

11-JelanA-7x11-Switch Plate

1. Organize my closet and donate old clothes, toys, stuff

Call it life-changing magic or Swedish death cleaning, all turn Trash to Treasure for a circular economy win! One step further is to not buy unnecessary stuff in the first place (my personal goal too)recycle-triangle-cloth-cc-licensed-noncommercial-share-1024x675Cheers to good intentions! May each turn into an action and then a habit.