DMOH-wCaptionIn a world that sometimes seems a little hard and cold (definitely cold this week), it’s heartening to see a group come together and do some good. We are thrilled to add just such a group to our Green Wall of Fame. Congratulations to the DMOH Green Squad!

The Department of Medical Oncology and Haemotology (DMOH) Green Squad, led by the energetic and unstoppable Jennifer Ryan, has so many sustainable notches on their belt, we’ll just list them here:

  • Shoreline Cleanup (pictures above)
  • Winter clothing drive – collecting and distributing around 30 winter coats and tons of hats, mitts, etc.
  • Corrected and improved all recycling signage on two floors of 700 University
  • Created personal recycling reference cards for individual workstations.
  • Rescued paper coffee cups for recycling by bringing them from their site where they are not considered recyclable, to a building where they are. 4176 coffee cups have been rescued (and counting), and this initiative has spread to other floors
  • BYOP&U – Bring your own plates & utensils lunch staff meetings
  • Right-size food orders for meetings to reduce waste, and asking catering to provide food in recyclable containers and skip the straws
  • Information hub on all things green and recyclable
  • Advocated for stronger behind-the-scenes collection carts for housekeeping to keep waste and recycling separate.
  • More plans on the horizon…

We can’t wait to see what they do next! Remember that if any of this inspires you, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.