Hello there,

I am Mehdi Motakefpour, the new Energy Project Manager. It has been more than two months now that I’ve joined UHN Energy & Environment team. Our team is one of the behind the scene crew that strives to optimize energy use within UHN facilities and minimize the environmental footprint while providing a healthy, safe, comfortable and sustainable environment for the patients and staff.

A little bit about myself, I have got my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering in Iran. After a couple of years working there, I decided to develop my experience and explore new countries and in the meantime continue my education toward a Master degree. So I move to Sweden and I got my Master degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering and since then I have been working in the Energy sector. Once I finished my degree I moved to Norway for work and after a couple of years working in oil and gas industry I came to Canada.

UHN has been a pioneer in energy and environmental management and Energy and Environment Department has been recognized by several awards so far. In the last two years that I have been involved in healthcare energy management projects, I was hearing about the outstanding success stories of energy and sustainability team at UHN and I was thinking it would be wonderful if I could be part of the team. Now, it happened I am so glad that I could join the boat. I do my best to make a valuable contribution to the projects.

Regarding UHN facilities, I should say it looks like a huge maze to me. Still, after two months working here, I’m getting lost and I can’t find my way easily. I was thinking it would be good if I could leave a trail of bread crumbs behind myself, like what Hansel did, to mark the way back to the office.

Please stay tuned and follow us as there will be lots of fun stories and remarkable achievements on the way.