The Poetry Of Waste

(Or a waste of poetry? Apologies to poets, readers of poetry and people everywhere who use words.)

Sorry, but many

links will work only if you

are at UHN.


UHN has a

new recycling and garbage

contract, “rules” have changed”.


China no longer

wants our recycling or our

waste. It’s about time.


This mean that now we

have new rules for what we can

and can’t recycle.



Now, more than ever,

we can’t throw any garbage

in recycling bins.


Mixing garbage with

recycling contaminates

all the recycling…


…and the stuff people

took the time to recycle

will go to landfill.


Recycling is “mixed”

at some sites, “separated”

at others; learn here.


Coffee cups are now

garbage. Best to bring your own

refillable mug.


Despite what you’ve heard,

you can’t recycle coffee

pods in Toronto.


Styrofoam? Garbage,

and maybe not the best thing

for hot drinks and food.


Black plastic and soft

plastic like bags and wrap, throw

them in the garbage.


Chip bags and candy

bar wrappers – tasty snacks but

go in the garbage.


Recycle metal

food and drink cans. Please empty

first and throw out straws.


Recycle plastic

containers for food and drink.

First empty and clean.


Gloves without any

blood on them? Regular waste,

not biomedical.


We use a lot of

paper. Recycle, but first

shred confidential.


Food scraps, tissues and

paper towels are compost.

Makes great food for worms.


Learn what is garbage

and what is recyclable;

there will be a test


TW, PM and

TRI – mixed recycling;

your test is found here.



TGH- separated

recycling; test here.


Best is to reduce

or reuse.  Recycling was

always last resort.


Questions? Want a ten

minute presentation for

your team? Get in touch!


P.S. check out this

video showcasing how

to recycle right