It would be wrong to end the year without a “Best of 2019” rundown, and doubly wrong to end the decade without it. There has been a lot of bright moments so tuck in and enjoy. (click on the pics to jump to the stories)…

19. Let’s get GROWing:

Toronto Rehab Bickle Centre’s “Garden Rehab on Wheels” kicks off their 4th growing season!g-3

18. A Deeply Cool Year in Energy & Environment

If the words “annual report” send you into a narcoleptic nap, you clearly haven’t seen ours…000


17. Haiku SBAR:

The Poetry of UHN’s New Recycling Rules – Talkin’ Trash

Haiku Recycle


16. Earth Week(s) Climate Challenge: 

With a great guide to what you can actually do right now to help fight climate change…



15. Travel, Recycle, Save Lives

Not Just Tourists helps get extra medical supplies to communities that need them. Make your next trip a little more meaningful…

Medical supplies have a wonderful new home


14. Help! Holidays are coming and my family doesn’t believe in climate change!

How to have the most awkward but important conversations…climate cookies


13. Tis’ the Season for Change 

Getting our research towers to save energy, reduce waste, rescue ice packs join the green team and more … plus pizza!image-3


12. Who knew environmentalists were so funny?

Greta Thunberg inspired us all.


11. Hot enough for ya?

How to keep cool without making the climate crisis worse.

Air conditioning
image credit:


10. Last Straw = First Move

Saying no to something most of us don’t need is a good move in tackling the massive plague of single-use plastic.

turtle straw


9.  Actually, don’t skip the dishes

Speaking of tackling single use plastic …plastic bottless


8. Patients, Pollinators and Emergency Power

– A UHN Garden Story… g-4


7. Win-win: Michener Institute saves money while saving the environment

Nice work, Michener!Michener


6. Climate Change is a Health Care Issue

What’s good for our home is good for us too. Plus enjoy Mike’s companion pieces on the Social Cost of Carbon (great read if you hate carbon taxes), and the Benefits of Climate Action.



5. Lessons from “Road Rules 101”

Learn how to share the road and not end up in the ER, whether you walk, bike or drive.

right turn


4.  When in doubt, throw it out … goodbye wish-cycling

For recycling to work, you gotta get that garbage outta here …


3. And the Royal Goblet of Reusable Cups goes to… 

Our greatest interhospital challenge yet. With a surprising new winner…


2. I wanna walk down to Electric Avenue

Electric Vehicle charging stations help clean your commute.



And a drumroll please for our top story of the year, showing that it’s never too late to start something new (or restart something old).

1. Back in the Saddle:

After a 25 year break, Lori’s amusing journey brings her back to biking



From all of us at Talkin’ Trash With UHN, have a wonderful new year and new decade!