If you drive and you are curious about electric cars, give this site a look … Plug ‘n Drive (which you can tour virtually as the EV Test Drive event previously scheduled at TGH for March 27 has been canceled).

We don’t usually promote cars at hospitals, but here’s why we’re going down that road (pardon the pun). As we mentioned in the first Electric Avenue post, in Ontario, fossil fuel-powered transportation is responsible for the most Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions that cause climate change, plus the pollution that causes asthma, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Yikes! It’s clear that climate change is a health care issue.

Unlike their gas-burning cousins, EVs generate ZERO nasty emissions. Sweet! Cleaning up our commutes heals patients and planet simultaneously, right up our alley.

To make the ride even sweeter, we have 6 new charging stations at Toronto Western Hospital, Fell Parkade! This adds to the 36 charging stations we have at Toronto General Hospital, and Toronto Western Hospital! So 42 is not just the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything, it’s also the number of EV charging stations we now have at UHN :).

4 Tesla and 2 generic charging stations so all may power up their cars. Thanks again to the Tesla Destination Charging Program for the donation.

A recent look at Plugshare, the google maps of EV charging stations, shows so many options everywhere now, though most won’t stray further than their own garage, charging overnight and kissing visits to the glamorous gas station goodbye.

P.S. For more green transportation Bike month starts at the end of May! If biking is not your jam, an EV is a great option.