Now that everyone is starting to buckle down for some good at home isolation to protect themselves from COVID-19, as well as, Earth Month coming up; we decided it would be a perfect time to announce the launch of our YouTube Channel (rather the re-launch)!

Figure 1: Check out our newest video on “How to Recycle in 60 Seconds at TGH/PMCRT” and subscribe for our next video!

In this day and age, YouTube has become a popular means of spreading information. For the working population, YouTube reaches more people than broadcast or cable TV networks do and it has become the second most visited site after Google. This being said, it is one of the easiest way to convey information to others quickly and effectively.

Our first video was created in light of common errors in our recycling habits at UHN. This video is “How to Recycle at TGH/PMCRT in 60 Seconds”. There will be some other videos coming out soon, which will include, “How to Recycle in 60 Seconds at TWH, PMH and TRI”, “Introduction to the Team”, and “Saving Energy in Research”.

Figure 2: A quick overlook of our new video on “How to Recycle in 60 Seconds at TGH/PMCRT”.

Since everyone will be staying home, the next couple of videos will about greening at home.  If you have more video ideas, or would like to be featured feel free to contact us at

Wash your hands, limit contact and stay safe everyone!