Greetings from home office! Hope everyone is staying safe, well spaced, and with hands so clean, they sparkle. Hang in there. These are extraordinary times, but the world keeps on turning and so do we.

Speaking of the world, we kick off Earth Month this Saturday by powering down for an hour.

Earth Hour, March 28, 8:30-9:30 pm – turn off the lights and power down all you can for climate action. Take a pause from the news and recharge yourself in the process. Maybe break out your old acoustic guitar if you have one? Tell corny dad jokes by candlelight, or just chill quietly, whatever works. One electronic exception … use your phone (precharged, unplugged) to capture the moment and share on your social media of choice. This is the EASIEST holiday to celebrate at home, from a distance :). Speaking of distance…

Funfact: Wayne Gretzky is precisely 6′ tall, making him a perfect unit of measure today. Thanks Wayne!

Keep 1 Wayne Gretzky between you and others or land in the sin bin a.k.a penalty box. Collective response will flatten the curve. Unlike hockey, here we are all on the same team.


Also, there is small bright spark in the news – an international spotlight on UHN’s Green side! Lots of our Talkin’ Trash readers are a part of the big green team that makes this possible. A big giant thank you for all you do.

Canada | Climate Champion Spotlight: University Health Network

Cheers and be well