Normally it’s a June thing, but we were kinda busy staying home and learning how to put on masks properly. This year, September is Bike Month! Let’s get out there and ride.

Word is out that cycling is a safe and healthy option to move through the city during the COVID-19 emergency. Whether you’re riding for work, errands or recreation, cycling naturally allows you to keep yer distance from others. Not to mention, you are doing your superhero part to leave space on transit and roads for those who need these options.

Cycling offers a myriad of benefits, increased physical fitness, lower risk of disease, financial savings, an excuse to wear stretchy clothing and more. Now cycling is getting its proper due on our roads, with more bike lanes that separate cyclists from car traffic … in fact, the City has installed various new bike lands such as the Bloor St. extension and on University Ave as part of ActiveTO. Find out more here. Use the cycling view on Google Maps to plan your next trip by bike.

Are you a new cyclist?

Want to ride your bike to work but don’t know where to start? Check out this great guide from Cycle Toronto and Toronto Public Health!

Bike Month Events

Bike Month includes a lot of great virtual and contact-free events catered for the cycling curious to seasoned riders. Some Commuter Stations will give out cycling swag, there are group rides and fix-it sessions (with mask)

Just one of the many events coming our way

Smart Commute is offering FREE cycling webinars. All webinars will be on Wednesdays from noon to 1pm:

Wednesday, September 9 – Road Rules 101

[Click here for calendar invite]

Learn about your rights and responsibilities when interacting with others on the road.

Wednesday, September 16 – Basic Bike Maintenance

[Click here for calendar invite]

Our instructor will show you the basics of how to maintain your bike. Topics include: safety checks, pumping your tires, tightening your brakes, lubing your chain, and ensuring your bike is the right fit.

Wednesday, September 23 – Family Biking (New!)

[Click here for calendar invite]

Learn about biking while pregnant, biking with young kids and teaching children to ride on their own for the first time.

Wednesday, September 30 – Cycling in All Weather Conditions

[Click here for calendar invite]
Make all-season cycling a breeze. Cycle Toronto will guide you through topics including: choosing clothing and gear for wet and cold weather, bicycle maintenance and storage tips, winter route-planning, and safe riding techniques for weather-related hazards.

P.S. big thanks to SmartCommute Toronto for help with today’s content