In line with #WasteReductionWeek, across UHN expired medical supplies and equipment are collected and donated, instead of being fated to the landfill. Several countries around the world accept medical supplies that are considered expired by North American standards, but have a longer technical shelf life.

Through UHN’s initiative Operation Green and our work with Not Just Tourists, hospital waste is reduced, and clinics in need receive help.

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There have been several blog posts showcasing these fantastic donations and the towers of boxes ready to be shipped out to remote locations. Below are some images of their journey past our hospitals.

UHN hospital beds headed for Ecuador and Peru

Operation Green has been a partner with Not Just Tourists for years and have sent supplies to over 50 countries in need.

The photos above are from recent shipments to St. Vincent and Cuba

Not Just Tourists typically sends medical supplies to remote locations using (as the name suggests) tourists, who volunteer to take an extra piece of luggage on their travels. Due to COVID-19 alternative shipping methods are being used, but the program has been able to resume.

Below is a photo of a volunteer (Bayla) who took two suitcases to Cuba and describes how appreciative the clinic was to receive the supplies here in her full story. For more stories like Bayla’s, or more information on the organization, check out their website.

This months Operation Green collection totalled 51 boxes, just in time for Waste Reduction Week too. Thank you to everyone who held onto their expired supplies and another collection is around the corner.

Stay safe and don’t forget to take the WRW challenge!

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