It is a truth universally acknowledged that a year at its end must be in want of a retrospective. And have we got a retrospective for you! Here are the top 20 stories from our Talkin’ Trash Blog as chosen by you, or more specifically, your clicks. If you’d like to read more, click the pic for the original blog.

20. This Blog Post Does Not Constitute Investing Advice

Putting our money where our mouth is for a financial and environmental win!

19. Staying Sustainable During Changing Times

Much was put on hold in March. As things started ramping up in July, especially in Research, there are new ways to get necessary things done.

18. Ignorance is Bliss-tering

Before the pandemic, there were the wildfires. Many reasons to take a look with clear eyes at our climate and our role in it.

17. GROWing Together:  Gardening in the time of COVID

Where there’s a will, there’s a wheelchair accessible edible garden in a pandemic. Curative for patients and staff alike.

16. Green Team Fixers, Cup by Cup

How one great green team banished the dreaded Styrofoam, and fixed up their waste sorting bins!

15. Taking personal action on climate change

How one UHN staff member decided to take action on climate change (and you can too). Lots of ways, little and large.

14. Mike at Home: Cutting Fossil Fuels Part 1

Stay warm and cut your losses – heat losses.

13. Mike at Home: Cutting Fossil Fuels Part 3

So many reasons to stop cooking with gas and keep your toddler (or yourself) from exploding the house. Bring on adventures in induction.

12. Use the Right Lane – the Bike Lane

You, me and just about everyone (re)discovered cycling as the ultimate socially distant form of exercise and transportation.

11. YouTube Revival Despite COVID-19

What better way to learn how to recycle properly (hospital’s rules, a bit different than home) than a 60 second video.

10. More Care Does Not Mean Better Care (Interview with Dr. Lucas Chartier)

It may seem counter-intuitive, but more medical care is not always better. From tests to prescriptions to procedures, here’s to finding the sweet spot.

9. Thermal comfort

The notorious battle of the thermostat.

8. Coronavirus, Clickbait and Climate

What do these 3 things have in common, other than starting with ‘C’? (pictured: a COVID-19 hospital built in 10 days).

7. Hot Tub Thyme Machine

A broken hot tub makes for an awesome garden! Way to reuse and repurpose a white elephant.

6. The Beginner’s Guide to Not Killing Your Garden

Wow, did you love gardening this year! Whether you have an acre or a window, you can plant something.

5. Polluted Neighbourhoods: Where Racism and Environmentalism Meet

Though you might not think these two concepts are related, climate justice is inseparable from racial justice. Now’s the time to level and clean up the playing field.

4. Panic at the Costco

If the pandemic taught us one thing, it’s the precariousness of supply chains, and the psychology of desperate shopping.

3. More Chilled Water Improvements at TGH

What can better energy valves do? Save 358,443 kWh, 14 tons of C02 emissions, and $41 thousand! Now a standard for all projects.

2. And the results are in!!!

The Inter Hospital Challenge for Waste Reduction Week (and other results) had us all on edge.

1. Treasures from the PPE Donation Bins (big thanks!)

Our top story is a celebration of the goodness of so many at a time of crisis. It’s also the best form of recycling. When supplies were short and unsteady, these amazing people donated PPE (personal protective equipment, an acronym no one outside healthcare knew before March), keeping our staff safe while they keep the rest of us safe.

A big thanks to you, our reader … you made 2020 our biggest year in the history of this modest environmental healthcare blog. With over 10,000 visitors and 26,500 page views, we’re glad you spent some time in this “special” year with us.

Cheers to a (hopefully) better 2021!