It’s tempting, at the start of the year, to go big or go home with immensely ambitious resolutions. There’s no wiggle room, no excuse for error, and by February, most people are DONE. The rantings of our inner Drill Sergeant are more likely to make us change the channel than change our behaviour. Instead, bring on our inner cheerleader … no, not the pom-pom-wielding, human pyramid-forming type (social distancing is still a thing, people) … just a kind, encouraging voice that accepts imperfection and urges us to keep trying.

Sorry to invoke the horrid name, like Voldemort, Beetlejuice, or Macbeth, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the need for flexibility … and patience, so very much patience :). So this year, instead of resolutions, maybe we think of intentions, and some good behaviours to go with it. This being an environmental-healthcare blog and all, we hope maybe some of these intentions are good for you, for others and our shared home.

So have a look within, a look outside, and let us know what those gentle, non-judgemental intentions might be. There are no wrong answers. You can only officially choose 1 per category of eat, move, buy, and home, mostly to give yourself a place to start.


So much opportunity for good is in our fridge and on our fork. From cutting waste and cutting waist, which of these might you try or already do?


How we go from place to place can have the biggest impact on our health and the health of our favorite planet.


Few people start the year saying “I really wish I spent more money on more stuff I don’t use that clutters up my place”.


Though some changes are easier if you own your space, you can suggest to you landlord. In today’s rental market, you have a lot more leverage than usual … use the power for good.

Feel free to revisit any of these anytime. Your inner cheerleader, much nicer than the drill-sergeant, might last all year. Whatever your intention, may you be granted the gifts of patience, persistence, flexibility and funny cat videos. Be well and be green all through the year.

Need a little more inspiration?