Working and staying at home has become the new norm, but with the new freedoms of staying at home, it’s so easy to forget to stay environmentally conscious. There are many ways YOU can help to save the environment from the comfort of your home!

A quick disclaimer before we begin. After you learn everything there is from this video/presentation and start to feel good about yourself and save money, you may be inclined to go out and tell your friends. Please do not go in person … instead, just share this information online with social media platforms. Remember to stay safe!

Now you can begin learning how to help the environment and save some money from water, electricity and gas usage as well. A lot of people overlook how much water and energy they use by washing dishes.

Think about how long you average on washing each individual dish, then multiply that by how many dishes a day you use. No matter what that’s a LOT of water. Hopefully this will help you save some water and the energy that goes into to heating it.

Look back to Mike at Home: Cutting Fossil Fuels Part 2 to see how your choice of hot water heater can help.

If you want even more of a reason to help out the environment or want more things that you can do, have a look at the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change: the 2020 report. This annual report tracks the connections between public health and climate change.

I have also created a presentation which covers the information from the Lancet Report in a heavily shortened way but to balance it out, added a sprinkle of what you can do at home, so why not just give it a quick read? Take a quick look at it to see why to help the environment and what you can do!

These are really important things for us all to work on. Please try your best in any aspect!

Remember, stay safe and stay environmentally friendly.