A year ago, we probably didn’t expect that Earth Month would once again be virtual! And if you’re like me, you probably thought we would back to ‘normal’ by May. Well was I wrong… so here we are again with another exciting virtual Earth Month! Last year you might recall that we did a virtual scavenger hunt to test your knowledge on UHN’s environmental initiatives.

This year, we want to challenge you to get active and take on different environmental initiatives at work and at home. To be successful in doing so, we present you with the 2021 UHN Earth Month Bingo card!

bingo card

Download the card by pressing (you guessed it) the Download button above. You can click on the boxes automatically in the PDF, like so …

If need be, you can print the card and cross it off old-school style. As always, the less waste the better, so if you print, remember to recycle it later (and check off the top right hand corner)! Or pin it up and keep adding to it beyond the month.

To win Bingo, please post if you get a line of 5 vertically, horizontally or diagonally, and get extra points if you fill out the whole card, or at least come close to it! Once you have finished the card, take a screenshot of it or save as a picture you can share and post on your socials using the hashtag #EarthMonthUHN. We will happily retweet you.


This shows how you are incorporating sustainability in your daily life and might help others follow your journey! You can also share anytime while in progress, say after achieving a particularly satisfying square like Cut Fossil Fuels at Home.

$50 gift cards

Though doing good is a prize in itself, every BINGO card share gives you a chance to win one of several $50 gift certificates for Fresh City Farms. Enjoy nice local, organic and tasty fresh produce, baked goods, groceries, prepared foods and more. (UHN staff only)

Happy BINGO-ing!