Though a step up from 2020, opinions on our latest trip around the sun, a.k.a. a year, may be, um, a smidge less than positive. Even in the chaos, there were some pretty great stories in the world of sustainable healthcare. So without further ado, let’s look at the top dozen of 2021 as chosen by you, our our lovely reader. It’s a perfect way to spend your time in line for a booster shot.


Safety and sustainability really can go hand-in-hand. This story features one of our favorite surgical green teams from the Green Hall of Fame saving what were once considered single use surgical supplies.


This cool project really paid off at 3 of our sites, soon to 4? Or 5? Stay tuned for highlights from 2022.


Climate got real in 2021. Between the heat dome in BC, floods in Germany, wildfires everywhere, and in this story, a snow storm in Texas, the new normal is anything but.

Here’s what we can do about it.


We are ‘flush’ with excitement at this amazingly game-changing project!


Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Especially this 40-year old problem.


We love our green space, and have a tie between two great garden stories: The Indigenous Healing Garden at Michener, and the wheelchair-accessible Lyndhurst Patient Garden.


The Clothing Cupboard is a circular economy win! Staff and visitors donate gently used clothing so that patients at Bickle that may not have much, are able to get up, get dressed and feel their best.


All hail the circular economy! Enjoy this trash-to-treasure extravaganza with the Materials Exchange. We already have many wins to talk about, but we can save those for 2022.


If you’ve been looking for a “COVID-silver-lining”, I present the biggest bike parking infrastructure project UHN has ever done! This is a 2-parter.


Thank you, thank you for paying attention to the good things from Energy & Environment in 2020.


Yes! You readers are awesome, starting your carbon-cutting journeys at home. Here’s some guidance on getting those grants …


This is not only your favorite post, it’s also the perfect inspiration for any New Year’s Resolutions. Cutting fossil fuels is way better than cutting calories :). Enjoy this and the 4 other posts in the series.

A final note of thanks to you, our reader … you made 2021 our biggest year in the history of this modest environmental healthcare blog. With almost 13,000 visitors and 27,500 page views, we’re glad you spent some time in this “special” year with us. Take care of yourself, and if you can, our shared home too.