Although a lot of stuff is virtual now, it is still important to be sustainable with paper. I don’t know if you know this but DCM is actually partnered with PrintReleaf and holds the Forms Contract with UHN to help combat carbon emissions, renewable energy transitions, waste reduction, and sustainable forestry support. However, not every page printed at UHN is offset by PrintReleaf, only the pages printed by DCM are.

The way it works is simple:

Step 1: PrintReleaf uses their proprietary technology to measure their client’s (aka us) paper consumption 

Step 2: The software reverse calculates how many trees were harvested to produce that paper

Step 3: Those trees are automatically reforested at one of four  PrintReleaf certified reforestation projects 

Which by the way, the four global sites are Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Madagascar 

As an example of how this works the first picture in this article is our June 2022 certificate, 24,687 lbs of paper was printed and in return PrintReleaf replanted 297 trees!!!

The planting areas selected by PrintReleaf are vetted and managed to ensure that these trees get a good start.  They use only Sustainable Forests (Tree Farms).  They are carefully cared for and maintained to give the newly planted trees the best chance of survival. They have been using FSC as part of their program and ESG for decades and will continue to do so. PrintReleaf  has environmental issues at the forefront of their minds. Most of their products have at least some recycling possibility if not completely. This includes packaging and boxes too. 

We usually like to stay away from “offset” programs, however, PrintReleaf is different as it relates directly from paper to trees. 

Another cool aspect of PrintReleaf is that you can actually see where your trees get planted and how many, look at the picture below to see where some trees got planted 

Since we joined PrintReleaf on November 12, 2021 we have used 2,475,111 sheets of paper, you can see that this resulted in trees getting planted on our behalf across the globe. Some in Canada, Mexico, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, and California!!  Isn’t that cool, now you can use paper without feeling like you are contributing to deforestation….because you aren’t!! Well, as long as that paper is being sourced by PrintReleaf of course. 

To learn more about PrintReleaf here is there website : 

Want to become a PrintReLeaf expert? Take their training course: