If you’ve been reading Talkin’ Trash, you’ll know we are big fans of a smart and clean commute!

What’s a smart commute?

A smart commute a.k.a. “sustainable transportation” is anything except driving alone in a gas-burning car. Public transportation, cycling, walking and carpooling (ideally in an EV) all reduce SOVs on the road and GHGs in the air (Single Occupancy Vehicles & Greenhouse Gas emissions respectively). This is one of the ways we can be real climate heroes (cape optional). We at UHN, and a ton of other organizations across Ontario, are members of a group called “Smart Commute” that help us with this very thing.

Without further ado … we are pleased to announce Toronto’s annual Smart Commute Month is back! From Tuesday, September 6 to Friday, September 30, log your sustainable commuting trips on the new Smart Commute Tool. For each day you log a trip, you’ll be entered into a draw to win one of twenty $50 gift cards (Canadian Tire, MEC, or the Bay) or a preloaded $50 PRESTO card.

 How to enter:

1. Sign in to your account on the Smart Commute website or ‘SmartCommute.ca’ app

2. Log your sustainable commute trips – That means any commute trip you’ve taken between September 6 and 30

3. For each day you log, you’ll automatically earn an additional contest entry up to a maximum of 20 entries.

The Smart Commute Tool is not just for commuter contests, it can also help you find carpool partners, or explore your options for taking public transit, cycling, or walking to work.

For more information visit smartcommutetoronto.ca/scmonth.

Hey Cyclists! We have a special event for you! As our first 2 had huge waitlists, we’re doing a 3rd Bicycle Maintenance Workshop!

  • Date: Sep 28,
  • Time: 12 – 1 pm,
  • Place: Toronto Rehab Institute – University Centre.
  • RSVP to uhncycling@uhn.ca by Sep 26 to secure your spot.

To hear about this kind of thing first, join the UHN Bicycle User Group by emailing uhncycling@uhn.ca.