October 17 – 23 is the Waste Reduction Week Inter-hospital Challenge! May the best hospital/health care system win … and if everyone takes the game to heart, we all win. You can skip to play here, and not have to read the rest of this blog (unless you want to).

Still here? Great! The challenge is simple: each hospital aims for the largest participation rate on the WRW quiz, which takes all of 3 minutes to play. Not a bad way to remember the most wasteless behaviours.


By playing, you will qualify to win some eco-fabulous prizes given out by your hospital.

Psst, UHN … we have some Fresh City Farms gift cards for sustainable and tasty food! Let’s bring the cup home!

You will also help your site win the Stein of Sustainability, the Royal Highness of Reusable Cups. This is where the Green Team shines, not only taking the quiz, but also cajoling their colleagues to do the same. Thank you, green team!

This is the 21st Waste Reduction Week (WRW) across Canada and the 7th annual WRW Inter-Hospital Challenge! We welcome staff from any of the following sites to participate…

  • CHEO
  • Hamilton Health Sciences
  • SickKids
  • Sinai Health
  • Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
  • Trillium Health Partners
  • Unity Health Toronto
  • University Health Network

If your site is not on the list, contact green@uhn.ca to join us next year.

As we’re all neighbours on one planet with finite resources, the less we waste, the better. Our future selves and future generations will thank us for it. There’s a lot of embedded carbon in “stuff”, so using and wasting less can take a bite out of climate change.

Caught green-handed!

We would love to see a picture of you and/or your friends practicing the 5R’s. Please email it to green@uhn.ca or your site lead below to get featured on this very blog!

Want to bring GREEN to your workplace?

Contact these Green Champions …

Dig deeper?

  • Have a look at Waste Reduction Week Canada’s website, part of Circular Economy Month. What’s a circular economy, you ask? Let our friends from the Circular Innovation Council tell you.

Thanks all, and enjoy the Waste Reduction Week Inter-hospital Challenge!