No December would be complete without a best-of Talkin’ Trash’s unique take on sustainable healthcare. Though we cannot claim anything as fantastic as Greta Thunberg’s famous takedown, we have a few highlights to look back on before we look forward to what’s next. Without further ado, here are our not-so-dirty dozen.


12. Who knew a program to reduce waste and reuse medical supplies could also help war-torn Ukraine?


11. The Michener Gitigan (Indigenous Healing Garden) bloomed with plant life, community and new learnings.


10. We lovingly refer to this as our ‘Hot Sh*t” project.


9. It’s easy to make a new building green, but what about our old ones? Here’s where EBCx comes in.


8. Who knew how much water we’d save while trying to green up our buildings? Hint, a lot!


7. The second season for the Gitigan was a real joint effort.


6. Recycling takes a lot of steps to work properly, kind of like a marathon relay race. Here’s how you can do your part, and some solid mythbusting.


5. Our biggest waste reduction week ever! From 3-Rs to 5, this group gets it!


4. What’s better than getting mad at litter? Preventing the waste from happening in the first place! Thanks, Canada!


3. Pretty ingenious ways to reuse blue sterilization wrap.


2. Winter biking tips and unveiling the name you voted on for our new and massive bike parking room.


1. Our top story packs a massive climate-fixing punch in the battle to get our homes off fossil fuels. Heat pumps work, even in cold climates like here in Toronto. If you’re looking for inspo, this makes a great new year’s resolution.

Thank you so much, dear Talkin’ Trash readers. And may 2023 be filled with as much green joy and justice as Greta is right now :).