Spring has sprung (ish) and Earth Month starts tomorrow with Earth Hour. An hour is not nearly enough tribute for our one and only planet, so we stretch it to a supersized month, March 25 – April 30. Thanks so much to many UHN Green Teamers for helping plan this year’s adventure! We’ve put everything in 1 place (with a handy QR-code), so it’s easy for you to participate as much as you can. There’s never been a better time to value and celebrate our shared home.

Click or scan below…

Some highlights!

  • Weekly snack-sized quizzes (the best and most fun way to learn):
    • Climate Change Quiz (already open … give it a try), then Energy & Water, Green Transportation, 5-R’s Waste Less & Recycle, Food & Garden
  • Events to participate in, some live, some virtual, some both:
    • Seed exchange with our friends in Wellness, April 5-30
    • Sustainability in research presentation, virtual event, Apr 11
    • Nature Stewarding – join us outside to help restore our park land April 23 (new date due to rain):
    • Earth Month Webinar Apr 28, 12-1:
      • Breaking up with Fossil Fuels: Mike, Mehdi & Andrew (12 – 12:40)
      • Are Bioplastics Fantastic? Ed (12:40 – 1)
      • register by emailing green@uhn.ca

Go to the Earth Month page for more details. If you participate in anything, that gives you a chance to win gift cards and puts you first in line for our UHN tree planting event in late May.

Last year’s tree planting event!

Happy Earth Month!