On Green Procurement and Others …My 12 weeks at UHN’s Energy and Environment dept.

Hi, it’s Evelyn again! It’s my final week here at UHN doing my Practicum placement and my 12-weeks just seemed to pass by like a blur. I thank all my uber-efficient and green teammates for all their help and enlightenment on the green initiatives that UHN is currently doing. I have focused much of my time on possible Green Procurement initiatives and within the limited time I had, here are some of the things I learned… Continue reading

New Year’s resolutions on safer (and healthier) food

Happy new year y’all!!! Health and environment are my passion.
Call it a new year’s resolution, or call it my new sustainable food goals for 2017. What is sustainable food? Here’s what I have in mind for me and my family and hopefully yours and UHN’s too…

1. Buy locally grown food – The farmer’s market used to be just around during the summertime but thankfully Toronto is a great city where we have it year-round! Check out the Brickworks (open on Saturdays)! UHN, as a major purchaser of food, hopefully can adopt this too (when possible)..


The Brickworks

2. Buy Continue reading

Happy Green Holidays!

Hello Everyone! I am a University of Toronto Student taking my Master’s in Health Science in Health Administration and currently working with the fantastic Energy and Environment team. This is be my first stab at the Talkin’ Trash blog so be gentle with me…

Here are some ideas for a greener holiday!

image credit: Hotel-R

image credit: Hotel-R

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